• MAC Address Randomization

    Learning More About Apple iOS9 MAC Address Randomization

    Apple uses a variety of scans for wireless LAN/physical location information. There are Preferred Network Offload (PNO) Scans, Enhanced Preferred Network Offload (ePNO) Scans, Location Scans and Auto Join Scans. Each of these scans, while mostly identical in frame format, are used at different times and for different reasons by the device. In order to […]

  • Microsoft’s WiFi [non]Sense

    You know who has no say-so in how wireless LAN keys are shared in Microsoft’s new WiFi Sense feature? The actual owner of the wireless LAN.  The decision to share credentials is in the power of the connecting user, not the WLAN owner.  Stupid much? I have several thousand “friends” on Facebook and more than […]

  • Installing pyrit with GPU Support on OS X

    Overview In the 802.11 WLAN security world I frequently refer to pyrit as the ‘unsung hero’.  Pyrit is an awesome tool that can do so much but doesn’t tend to get the recognition as more well-known tools like the aircrack-ng suite and coWPAtty.  Comparing these different tools can’t really be done in an apples-to-apples fashion but […]

  • OSX Airport CLI Tool – Not Just for Airport APs

    Like most Mac users I love the “it just works” functionality that OSX brings to the table.  Microsoft die-hards hate such statements and will have their own choice words for people that say or write things like that.  But I, like a lot of other people, was born and raised on Microsoft OS’ and for […]