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IT Dojo utilizes unique forms of instruction to add value to the training experience and prepare your staff not only for IT certification, but most importantly for the real world. By immersing our clients in intensive, hands-on training classes we are confident they will gather the knowledge needed to succeed in the cybersecurity workforce. IT Dojo is the premier source for information assurance, cybersecurity and professional certification training. We are based in Virginia Beach, VA but serve all of Hampton Roads and beyond!

IT Dojo is a business-to-business and business-to-government consultancy and delivers learning services only to individuals who are sponsored by employers. 

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Featured IT Training Classes:

Risk Management Framework

RMF Training has become a hot topic in the information assurance world within the DoD and federal government agencies. In response to this demand, we have added several RMF related courses to our lineup to educate our clients. Things have changed & we want you to be prepared! Be ahead of the curve & get trained on RMF.

DevOps Training

DevOps consists of modular programming, iterative development, and collaboration between software development and operations teams to integrate and break down silos within organizations. It establishes a whole environment where faster, efficient, and cost-effective software deliverables are possible.

Microsoft Training

IT Dojo works with several partners to be able to offer the entire suite of Microsoft courses. From Azure training , to Server and Windows training. If Microsoft has the course available, we can get it for you. Please take a look at our list of offerings and if you don’t see what you are needing, give us a call. We are here to help!

Zero Trust Training Available

Trust nothing, verify everything! Dive deep into the world of Zero Trust, a security paradigm that ensures no one, not even insiders, get access without rigorous authentication. Our course breaks down its principles, architectures, and practical implementation techniques, equipping you with skills to create a robust defense layer.

Security Controls & STIG Training

The security control assessment process identifies vulnerabilities and countermeasures and determines residual risks; then the residual risks are evaluated and deemed either acceptable or unacceptable. More controls must be implemented to reduce unacceptable risk and then re-evaluated.

Amazon Web Services Training

Our AWS courses teach the skills to design, deploy, operate and secure infrastructure and applications located on the AWS cloud. Regardless of whether you are new, have some experience or are seeking AWS certification, we have a learning solution for you. Call or email for information about in this highly sought after training.

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Your place was by far the best training facility I have been to in over 20 years! You really know how to take care of the student!
Jeff H.
US Army
This class was beyond my expectations by far. I liked that the material was mixed with practical experience and personal discussion.
Mark H.
US Navy
My experience wasn't what I expected, it turned out to be so much better. From the small classroom to the use of real equipment, this course rocked!
Brian J.
Government Contractor