Your place was by far the best training facility I’ve been at in over 20 years! you really know how to take care of the student. I’m going to recommend your school to everyone I know needing training. I hope to attend another training session in the near future.

Jeff H.

I just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful experience I had taking the Security Fundamentals training with you. I appreciate so much that you taught the subject rather than taught the test. Colin’s depth of experience coupled with his ability to communicate is quite special. You don’t always find people who can turn data into information and information into knowledge, but that is exactly what he did.

Lisa B.

Colin was as knowledgeable as one could hope for. He was polished and professional and his delivery was smooth and engaging. I’d go as far as to say he’s a “rockstar” of an instructor. If he were a chef, he’d have his own show on the Food Network.

Joe V.

This class went beyond my expectations by far. I liked that class material was mixed with practical experience discussions and had just the right amount of personal discussion mixed in. Great instructor, easy to follow, and NOT boring.

Mark H.

I would like to thank both of you. I have now taken Security+ and the CISSP classes from you and will highly recommend your site to anyone that seeks improvement in their IT skills. Both of you are truly concerned with giving the best to all of your students. I would also like to mention that I passed both exams on the first attempt. I will also tell anyone that they will have to put in a full effort on their part. Your support is world class and will always be appreciated! I am sure that I will see both of you in the future for additional training.

Jess D.

The classroom setting was very comfortable easy to focus on the material which was being taught, the hospitality was super fantastic I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to have had the opportunity of being a student at ITdojo. Yes I will be a name dropper regarding the training facility to others as well as taking more seminars in the years to come. Wonderful learning experience if you are serious about enhancing your knowledge level.

Patricia M.

Colin does a great job instructing and answering questions. I was very impressed by his enthusiasm for technology and the fact that his class material was as current you could get.

Christina G

As a networking instructor and a technical writer, I need to keep abreast of the latest in I.T. and network certifications. I have taken two courses at ITdojo that helped me in this regard. The first was a seminar covering content on the CWNA wireless certification exam. I used the knowledge in that seminar to create a 4-credit wireless course at my college, pass the CWNA exam, and write a CWNA lab manual. I also took ITdojo’s IPv6 training and am looking forward to using that knowledge in much the same way. Both seminars were engaging and informative. The small and intimate setting created a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where it was easy to ask questions and get feedback. I would definitely recommend ITdojo to anyone seeking to learn or upgrade their I.T. networking skills.

Kelly C.

I have attended several training sessions at ITdojo and I have been impressed with the seminar each time. The instructor has always gone out of his way to tailor the training to my specific situation. The small seminar size allows everyone to get significant one on one time with the instructor. On top of that, the provided slides and lab manuals have made it easy for me to go back and review material months after the training. ITdojo is the preferred training site for all of my network security needs.

Chris B.

From day one I was totally impressed with ITdojo. The instructor has an excellent delivery method and is well rounded in several IT disciplines. I definitely felt comfortable and welcomed at ITdojo. I learned everything I needed to do my job and then some and will recommend ITdojo to anyone that is looking to get training in the Information Technology industry.

Barry K.

My experience wasn’t what I expected, it turned out to be so much better. From the small classroom to the use of real (and personal) equipment, I enjoyed the training. I wish I would have found this site 3 years ago.

Brian J.

Thank you both for the class and the assistance you gave us. I totally endorse ITdojo and will advise others of the fantastic training I received!! You guys provided me with what I needed to succeed!!

Kevin D.

Just sharing some good news – I passed the CISSP exam! Thanks for getting me prepared. When my team mates are ready, or my friends are looking for training, I’ll make sure to point them in your direction.

Jesse W.