Just For Fun

  • Colin Weaver

    How Much Information is in a Message?

    “How much information is in a message?” Huh??? That sentence, in the context of typical use of those words (information & message), doesn’t immediately make sense to most people. Well, I know it didn’t make sense to me, at least. So let me try asking it in a seemingly more complicated but different way: “If […]

  • In the World I see

    In the World I See…

    My time in the IT world is closer to three decades than two.  And anyone else who has been around half as long can testify to the amount of change that has occurred.  It’s more than impressive; it’s a shock.  Across the years I have more than once likened keeping up with technology to treading […]

  • Glitter Glue Pine Cone

    You Geek? I Geek.

    When is the last time you sat down at your desk and really went full-geek on something just because you found it fascinating? No, not because you needed to know it for work or because you wanted to build up your skill set for some future position; I’m talking about full-on burial in a topic […]