• In the World I see

    In the World I See…

    My time in the IT world is closer to three decades than two.  And anyone else who has been around half as long can testify to the amount of change that has occurred.  It’s more than impressive; it’s a shock.  Across the years I have more than once likened keeping up with technology to treading […]

  • The Danger of Transparent Encryption

    The Danger of Transparent Encryption

    With all the renewed furor over the government attempting to force Apple to backdoor iOS devices so the FBI can inspect the phone of the San Bernardino terrorists I found myself with a usual set of emotions. I have always been an advocate of limited government involvement in the lives of private citizens (i.e. approaching […]

  • Nothing Neutral About Net Neutrality

    The volume of discussion and debate surrounding so-called ‘net neutrality’ in recent days has increased dramatically.  And, as usual, it is a polarizing topic.  The President has weighed in on the issue, urging the FCC to explicitly deny service providers the right to rate-limit the Internet’s content.  His ‘request’ has been met with a venomous […]