Why NIST’s Free Online RMF Training is Not Enough

As many of you are already aware, NIST offers free online Risk Management Framework training as a resource on their website.  While this is a great resource containing excellent information and should be included in your learning plan, it is not enough when it comes to preparing yourself and your staff for the transition from DIACAP to the RMF.  NIST’s online training basically amounts to a powerpoint presentation that is read to you, without any opportunity for input or asking questions about the framework.  Aside from being a quick, two hour overview, what good is this? People have questions and powerpoint slides don’t always answer them.

IT Dojo has teamed up with an organization that employs real-world Risk Management Framework experts.  In our on-site or live online RMF courses, each class is led by an instructor that is well versed in the field of Information Assurance and that has spent many hours learning, knowing, and using the six steps in the framework.  Instead of just reading powerpoint slides, our instructors bring real life scenarios to the table so that you are able to take them apart and learn how to implement RMF into your organization’s policies.  Through interaction with the instructors and hearing other participant’s questions, attendees leave the training with a much better understanding of RMF than if they were to just watch from NIST’s powerpoint slides.

In addition to the course, we also offer post class support…all included in the price of the class.  Clients use this support after they have gotten back to their office and are going through the process of transitioning to answer questions that arise in the real world.  Our RMF subject matter experts set up live webinar based question and answer sessions regularly to accomodate these needs. 

Don’t limit yourself by only relying on the NIST online training.  Let us help.

IT Dojo offers a comprehensive course on the transition from DIACAP to RMF.  Please take a look at our RMF training courses here.

Here is a link to a great book on RMF that we highly recommend.

A ton of other information can be found on the NIST web site.