Security+ CEU Question and Answer

I recently had a client who had a Security+ certification that was about to expire and he asked me a question that I wanted to share with our readers.

If my Security+ certification is about to expire, can I just sit in another Security+ course and earn the CEUs that I need in order to renew?

The answer to this question is yes and no.  According to CompTIA, the candidate may complete a Security+ training course as long and it is not training covering the same exam in which the certified became certified from.

For example, if the candidate earned the Security+ certification by passing the SY0-401 exam, he cannot complete an SY0-401 training course for CEUs. This would not be considered “continuing education.” If the candidate was certified from the Sy0-301 exam, then he/she can complete the Sy0-401 course for CEUs.

If you are looking for a way to renew your certification, but don’t want to take the exam and want a self paced option, we have a Security+ CE Continuing Education Program through a partner of ours that allows you to do just that.  Here are details on that program.