ITdojo’s v6 Vertex #3: Am I Using IPv6?

v6 Vertex – Quick Tips & Pointers for IPv6 Users

ITdojo’s v6 Vertex is an ever-expanding set of quick tips and useful advice for using IPv6 in your network.

As you begin to make use of IPv6 you will often wonder whether or not you are actually using the protocol and whether or not your connections are being made using IPv4 or IPv6.  A web page, in theory, should look the same when using IPv6  or IPv4.  It’s worthy to to note that there are many different web sites that do offer different content when connecting with one protocol versus the other.  To date most of this alternate content has either been for fun or has served to act as a carrot to encourage people to get connected using v6.

But what sites can you go to in order to test whether or not your v6 is working?  Fortunately, the list of IPv6 web sites is growing and you may already be visiting sites using IPv6 without really knowing it.  But if you want a site to go to that will tell you exactly how it is that you are connecting to this, I recommend the following:

Both of those sites are excellent tools to test your Internet IPv6 capabilities.  But let’s not forget one of the longest standing sites used to test IPv6 connectivity:

Visiting using IPv4 will show only a pixelated, static turtle.  But when you visit the IPv6 version of the site you are treated to a “dancing” (well, swimming, actually), higher-res version of the turtle.  Check it out.  If you’re turtle isn’t dancing, you’ve got work to do.


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Colin Weaver

Colin Weaver is co-owner and lead instructor at ITdojo, Inc., a network security and information assurance training center and consulting firm located in Virginia Beach, VA. His passion for technology, networks, and security has led him to become enthralled with the idea of IPv6 and its implementation. In this blog he will share with you glimpses of what he has learned and a hint at what you’ll learn in his classes.