ITdojo’s v6 Vertex #1: Viewing IPv6 Neighbors on OS X

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v6 Vertex – Quick Tips & Pointers for IPv6 Users

ITdojo’s v6 Vertex is an ever-expanding set of quick tips and useful advice for using IPv6 in your network.

For Apple OSX Users:
If you need to view the IPv6 neighbor information on your OS X powered device all you need to do is open a terminal and use the NDP command.

To view your current list of IPv6 neighbors (with hostname and MAC address), use: ndp -a

ndp screenshot #1






To view IPv6 addresses rather than names: ndp -an

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 10.03.42 AM   1-14-14






To view your default router (if you have one): ndp -r or ndp -rn


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