5 days
Course Code SEC+


Employees of federal, state and local governments; and businesses working with the government.


Although it is not required, we suggest having CompTIA Network+ or equivalent certification and/or approximately 2 years industry experience.

Course Description:

The Security+ training session explores industry-wide topics including communication security, infrastructure security, cryptography, access control, authentication, external attack and operational and organization security.  Information Assurance (IA) professionals will benefit from this seminar. The Security+ certification is on the approved list of certifications that meets the DoD D8570.1 requirements.  In short, the directive requires that many military personnel, government personnel, and contractors that have their hands in the networks of the military and or government must have certain certifications.  Security+ is one of these.

After completing this training clients should be able to:

  • Identify non-essential services and protocols
  • Recognize attacks and malicious code and specify appropriate actions
  • Understand the concept of and know how to reduce the risks of social engineering
  • Understand the concept and significance of auditing, logging and system scanning
  • Recognize and understand the administration of types of remote access technologies
  • Recognize and understand the administration of email security concepts
  • Recognize and understand the administration of Internet security concepts
  • Recognize and understand the administration of directory security concepts
  • Recognize and understand the administration of file transfer protocols and concepts
  • Recognize and understand the administration of wireless technologies and concepts
  • Understand security concerns and concepts of types of devices and media
  • Understand concepts of Security Baselines
  • Be able to identify and explain the of different kinds of cryptographic algorithms
  • Understand and be able to explain concepts of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)
  • Identify and be able to differentiate different cryptographic standards and protocols
  • Understand and be able to explain concepts of Key Management and Certificate Lifecycles
  • Understand the application of concepts of physical security
  • Understand the security implications of topics of disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Understand the concepts and uses of types of policies and procedures
  • Recognize and be able to differentiate between and explain access control models and methods of authentication
  • Explain concepts of privilege management
  • Understand the concepts of topics of forensics
  • Understand and be able to explain concepts of risk identification
  • Understand the security relevance of the education and training of end users, executives and human resources
  • Understand and explain documentation concepts

What’s Included:

This 5 day instructor-led training session provides participants with a comprehensive overview of materials that are covered on the SYO-501 exam.  Our courseware is developed in-house, allowing us to give our clients the most up-to-date information in this area of study as well as the incorporation of real world networking experiences. Each participant will receive:

  • Practice questions
  • A printed manual that includes all power point slides
  • 5 Days of Awesome Training!

What Clients Have to Say

“The classroom setting was very comfortable easy to focus on the material which was being taught, the hospitality was super fantastic I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to have had the opportunity of being a student at ITdojo. Yes I will be a name dropper regarding the training facility to others as well as taking more seminars in the years to come. Wonderful learning experience if you are serious about enhancing your knowledge level.” -Patricia M.