4 days


Employees of federal, state and local governments; and businesses working with the government.


Knowledge of IP addressing & subnetting Basic Cisco router configuration skills.  Network+ or CCNA certifications are recommended.

Training Outline:

OSPF is an integral component of many of today’s busiest information networks. Its popularity as a routing protocol is derived from its vendor neutrality, its incredible scalability and flexibility of configuration. With scalabilty and flexibility comes potential confusion. The design choices and options for configuration can bewilder many IT professionals.

This seminar is for you if you are asking questions like this:

  • Are we implementing OSPF in the best way possible?
  • How many areas do I need?
  • How should I build them?
  • Is our network optimized for speed and fast convergence?
  • Could our routing tables be smaller and more efficient?

If you are looking for a detailed analysis of OSPF design, implementation and configuration then you will benefit from ITdojo’s custom-developed OSPF seminar. We have built this seminar to create OSPF fluent IT professionals.
This 4-day seminar is all OSPF. Other training options available cover OSPF in a comparatively cursory manner, spending a morning or an afternoon discussing all OSPF has to offer. This leaves network professionals responsible for the care and maintenance of OSPF networks with a lot more to learn and figure out on their own. This seminar fills that gap by being the most comprehensive exploration of OSPF available.

The agenda of in-depth analysis and discussion includes:

  • Understanding Link State & the Link State Algorithm
  • Link State Packets
  • Neighbors & Adjacencies
  • OSPF Cost & the SPF Tree
  • Understanding OSPF Database
  • Understanding OSPF Area Types & Uses
  • OSPF Router Types
  • Configuring OSPF Areas Analyzing
  • OSPF Command Output
  • OSPF Authentication Route Summarization
  • OSPF Route Redistribution
  • OPSF Virtual Links
  • Configuration and Use
  • Updating Support skills for OSPFv3
  • OSPF Design Considerations

What’s Included:

  • A Cisco Press Textbook
  • A printed manual that includes all power point slides
  • A copy of the lab manual, allowing participants to go back over labs until they feel comfortable with them
  • Participants will have access to their own rack of equipment to complete labs.
  • The ability to remote into racks from home for further study after classes (as long as rack space is available)
  • One-on-one help during labs