• Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal

    On the Evolution of Ubuntu

    I’m setting IPv6 aside for a moment to comment on Ubuntu 12.10.  Thanks.

    Ubuntu 12.10, which is scheduled to be released later this month, is adding a feature that seems to have some fellow ‘nixers up in arms.  The Dash search bar which allows you to find pretty much anything on your computer is adding on-line search results to what you type.  The results are slated to come from (for starters).  To many people this smacks of commercialization and a sell-out by Canonical, the developer of Ubuntu.  While I can see their point, people who love Linux (Ubuntu in particular) need to realize that times are a-changin’.

  • Resolver Cache – Linux vs Windows

    Microsoft Windows OS’ have a resolver cache built into the actual OS.  Most Windows admins already know this.  When your Windows system performs a DNS query the results are stored by the OS and are available for use by other applications and processes running on the system.  This means that you can resolve to its IP address using Firefox and then open a command prompt and ping without your system performing a new DNS query in support of the ping.  The ping command will use the cached entry stored by the OS.  For Windows systems you can view and control (somewhat) this using these commands:

  • Linux Training Now Available at ITdojo in Virginia Beach!

    Have you been looking for a local Linux training class taught by people who actually know Linux? ITdojo can help! Our Linux courses cover topics from fundamentals of Linux, system administration, to high level security. Begin your journey to Linux omniscience by registering for classes that are right for you right here at ITdojo in […]