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  • Peeking Into the Future of IPv6 at Home

    I’ll wager that 99% of people who read this from home are coming to me through an IPv4 NAT device that is only a few short steps from where they are sitting. NAT and IPv4, for reasons I understand yet still loathe, just go together these days. I’ll save my  un-ending rant against NAT for another day but suffice to say I look upon NAT with contemptuous regard; a healthy respect for what it allows us to do but utter dislike for what it is at the same time. Call me conflicted.

  • Delivering DNS via IPv6 Router Advertisements

    One very cool and highly promoted feature of IPv6 is stateless address autoconfiguration.  If you don’t already know, this feature enables a node to automatically derive its IPv6 address(es) without the help of of a DHCP server.  That is a big departure from the world of IPv4.  In IPv4 you either had to manually configure your IP addresses or you had to use DHCP.  IPv6 has added address autoconfiguration as a third (and typically default) option.