3 Days


Employees of federal, state and local governments; and businesses working with the government.

This course is designed for consultants who need to implement the ServiceNow Human Resources Service Delivery application.

Course Overview

Gain in-depth knowledge on configuring the ServiceNow HRSD application.

During this two-day interactive training course, attendees will gain in-depth knowledge and practice in configuring the ServiceNow HRSD application. You will access the ServiceNow platform in your own student instance, which is a “sandbox” loaded with demo and test data. Participants will perform the duties of a technical consultant implementing the HRSD solution for a fictitious company. Lab exercises throughout the course allow you to work through real world, relevant scenarios to complete your duties. The class features lecture and group discussions, as well as extensive hands-on practice and reinforcement delivered in a variety of labs.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the ServiceNow HRSD solution and its capabilities
  • Explore implementation and configuration methodologies for HRSD
  • Gain practical knowledge of the architecture of the HRSD solution
  • Configure HR properties, criteria, PDF document templates, and managed documents
  • Update and manage the HR Service Portal and Chat queue
  • Explore skills and auto-assignment rules
  • Configure a Lifecycle Event as part of enterprise onboarding and transitions
  • Configure Now Mobile
  • Learn about the security options that determine access to HR tables and secure the HRSD application

Course Outline

Module 1 provides an overview of the HR Service Delivery (HRSD) suite of applications and how they are integrated in the ServiceNow platform. It also details key features of the current release.

Module 2 explores the implementation methodology that is recommended for an HR implementation. ServiceNow provides implementation partners with access to checklists, project plans, and other collateral that may be used as part of the implementation project.

In Module 3, students learn the table structure and schema mapping of the HRSD solution. Participants will explore HR Guided Setup, PDF Document Templates, and Routing and Assignment Rules. Participants create and parse a PDF Document template and add a link to the HR Case form which navigates to a third-party website.

Module 4 explores the Lifecycle Events application. Participants learn how to configure a Lifecycle Event, then they build and test a Lifecycle Event in their practice instance.

Module 5 details the Employee Service Center, Knowledge, and Now Mobile. Participants rebrand the Employee Service Center, expand the search configuration for Knowledge on an HR Case, and configure Now Mobile. They may also choose to configure Connect Chat.

In Module 6, participants learn about the security options available in ServiceNow. Data Governance methods like client-side masking, encryption, ACL security, and Delegated Development are explored at length. Participants use the COE ACL Configuration module to restrict access to a COE, create a business rule to restrict access to a highly secure field on a form, and work with Restricted Caller Access records.

The course concludes with the opportunity for participants to work through the HR Implementation Simulator in the classroom. This allows students to ask the instructor questions as they work or to explore other concepts in more detail.