2 Days


Employees of federal, state and local governments; and businesses working with the government.

Course Description:

If you ask an RMF practitioner what the most challenging part of the RMF process is you’re likely to hear them reference responding to security controls!

With thousands of assessment procedures, even those with a strong understanding of RMF can get very overwhelmed and confused by what each security control means. Recognizing this RMF crux, our RMF training partner has created a new course titled Security Controls Implementation Workshop. Security Controls Implementation Workshop is an in-depth dive into Step 3 of the Risk Management Framework process “Implement Security Controls”. Upon completion of the course, the student can confidently return to their respective organizations and ensure the highest level of success for the most difficult part of the RMF process.

The course will take the student through the entire process concentrating on key areas of the process including:

  • In-depth project planning for security controls implementation.
  • The concept of traceability.
  • The concept of “holistic security”
  • How to properly implement security controls.
  • In-depth review of the most critical security controls and how to implement them.
  • Review and implementation guidance for student-selected security controls.
  • Documenting test results the right way.
  • The role of STIGs in the process.
  • And many more!

Note:  This course can be combined with our 2 day Security Controls Assessment Workshop to make it a 4 day workshop.