ITdojo firmly believes that, in order for certifications to have value, they must be earned by acquiring the requisite knowledge tested on a vendors exam. If certifications are achieved by rote memorization or by simply memorizing actual exam questions then they are worthless to the certification holder and to the employer thay pays them. ITdojo has no desire to participate in the latter. You should learn and internalize the material, not memorize questions and answers.
ITdojo Questions of the Day are written, researched and answered by ITdojo staff. They are intended to be original and unique while simultaneously targeting knowledge required to successfully pass a vendors exam. None of our questions are copied from other sources and are not questions taken directly from any actual exam.
Questions that are similar in nature or wording to someone else’s material may be created by ITdojo without knowledge that they are abundantly similar. If an exam vendor (CompTIA, ISC2, etc.) or another purveyor of exam preparation practice questions has an issue with one of our questions (i.e. they feel it is too similar to their own) we ask that they contact us at ‘info [at] itdojo [dot] com’ to quickly resolve the matter. We take the protection of intellectual property seriously and will act quickly to resolve any concerns.