FAQ: How Comprehensive is your RMF for DoD IT Course?

The most common question we get in regards to our RMF for DoD IT training course is this:

How comprehensive is your RMF for DOD IT course? The reason I ask is that the Navy is still trying to wrap their head around RMF and how to integrate it both from an acquisitions and operational point of view and would like training that could possibly help my effort in implementing RMF into these communities.

Our RMF for DoD IT course is comprehensive both in our course curriculum and exercises utilized in the class.  Although Navy has not issued the final mandate / direction from the head office, we continue to train US Navy staff around the country who recognize and accept the responsibility to obtain training sooner rather than later.  RMF has 6 core principles which is the driving factor of our course offering.  We cover all of them and that helps our customers in their readiness and implementation efforts.

IT Dojo offers a comprehensive course on the transition from DIACAP to RMF.  Please take a look at our RMF training courses here.

Here is a link to a great book on RMF that we highly recommend.

A ton of other information can be found on the NIST web site.