Enhance Your RMF Training Experience with TrainPlus!

Picture this. You’ve just completed your RMF training with IT Dojo. You spent four days in class learning and doing. So much information and guidance has come your way that at times you felt like you were drinking from a fire hose! Now, at last, you’re sitting in the relative peace and quiet of your vehicle, or on an airplane, heading for home. And then it hits you—that question you should have asked during the class!

Or maybe it happens like this. You’re back in the office working on your own system’s RMF, using the skills you learned in your recent class. Everything is going swimmingly—until you hit an un-foreseen snag, and you’re thinking “Gosh, I sure wish my RMF instructor was here to see this—he/she would definitely have some helpful information for me.”

TrainPlus! to the rescue!

TrainPlus! is a monthly teleconference conducted by an RMF subject matter expert. This is your opportunity to raise that forgotten question or discuss that snag in your progress with RMF. It’s also an opportunity to network and learn from others … and for others to learn from you!

Every student who attends an RMF training program through IT Dojo will receive an invitation to a TrainPlus! session a few weeks after the class. If you previously attended RMF training with IT Dojo and might have missed your opportunity to attend Train-Plus!, please contact us at 757-216-3656 for an updated invitation. We look forward to your participation in a Train-Plus! session soon.

If you are interested in attending one of our upcoming RMF training sessions, please let me know. We have courses that run consistently in Virginia Beach, Arlington, Colorado Springs, Huntsville and online!