5 days


Employees of federal, state and local governments; and businesses working with the government.


Students should already be comfortable with basic Linux or Unix administration. Fundamentals such as the Linux filesystem, process management, and how to edit files will not be covered in class. A good understanding of network concepts, the TCP/IP protocol suite is also assumed. These skills are taught in our Linux Fundamentals and Enterprise Linux Systems Administration courses.

Course Description:

This is an expansive course that covers a wide range of network services useful to every organization. Special attention is paid to the concepts needed to implement these services securely, and to the trouble-shooting skills which will be necessary for real-world administration of these network services. Like all ITdojo courses, the course material is designed to provide extensive hands-on experience. Topics include: Security with SELinux and Netfilter, DNS concepts and implementation with Bind; LDAP concepts and implementation using OpenLDAP; Web services with Apache; FTP with vsftpd; caching, filtering proxies with Squid; SMB/CIFS (Windows networking) with Samba; and e-mail concepts and implementation with Postfix combined with either Dovecot or Cyrus.
Supported Distributions:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
SUSE Linux Enterprise 11

Course Outline:

  • Securing Services
  • DNS Concepts
  • Configuring BIND
  • Creating DNS Hierarchies
  • Advanced BIND DNS Features
  • LDAP Concepts and Clients
  • OpenLDAP Servers
  • Using Apache
  • Apache Security
  • Apache Server-Side Scripting Administration
  • Implementing an FTP Server
  • The SQUID Proxy Server
  • Samba Concepts and Configuration
  • SMTP Theory
  • Postfix
  • Mail Services and Retrieval
  • Sendmail
  • NIS