5 Days
Course Code:  METAND-2018


Employees of federal, state and local governments; and businesses working with the government.


Linux Hacking
Linux operating system essentials

  • Linux password cracking
  • Linux vulnerabilities

Introduction to Kali Linux

  • Recon-ng
  • Vega
  • Dmitry
  • Maltego
  • Sparta

Introduction to Metasploit

  • Basic usage of msfconsole
  • How to use exploits
  • Exploit examples
  • Getting remote shell

More with Metasploit

  • Msfvenom
  • Meterpreter and post exploits
  • Customizing payload
  • More metasploit attacks

Introduction Scripting with Ruby

  • Basic ruby scripting
  • How ruby is structure

Write your own Metasploit exploits with Ruby

  • Customizing existing exploits
  • Create an exploit
  • Android

Android architecture

  • Bluetooth attacks
  • Hacking Android

Extras (these are items to cover if time permits. Different classes proceed at different rates. If the class needs the entire 5 days for the preceding material, that is fine. But some classes complete it in about 4 days, and if that is the case, there is additional hacking/pen testing material that can be covered)

  • Pen Testing Standards
    • PCI -DSS
    • NIST 800-115
    • National Security Agency InfoSec Assessment Methodology (NSA- IAM)
    • PTES
  • Rcon
    • Nmap
    • Google searches
    • ShodanHq
    • Vega