1 Day


Employees of federal, state and local governments; and businesses working with the government.

Course Overview

Welcome to the exciting world of Generative AI – we’ll help you navigate it! The AI landscape is truly changing daily, with a whirlwind of new tools, terms and technologies entering the market every day. Sorting through the technologies when tasked with making decisions about business value, strategy and implementation can be more than challenging.

Generative AI for Decision Makers and Architects is a one day, expert-led course that will guide you through this bustling scene, where you’ll learn about the core of Generative AI with a focus on practical, real-world business skills, use cases, and applications. Our aim is to lay a solid foundation for you in Generative AI, bringing its power into your organization’s problem-solving and decision-making strategies. You’ll explore which solutions can best serve your organization and how you can navigate potential benefits and challenges effectively.

This course is led by engaging industry experts currently working in the field, who bring cutting edge experience into the classroom, activities and valuable group discussions. Throughout the event you’ll explore a variety of hot topics such as Generative AI’s evolution, identifying compelling Generative AI use cases, key implementation considerations, building a great AI team, steering AI projects effectively, and safeguarding your AI systems robustly. You’ll delve into real-world examples, understand key performance indicators for AI projects, and use innovative tools for measuring project success. The course also covers the (latest) technology stack behind Generative AI and the important role of data in AI, skills critical to leading in today’s data-driven business environment. It also covers upcoming trends, preparing you to keep your organization competitive in this rapidly evolving field.

You’ll exit this course conversant in Generative AI business essentials, ready to apply this knowledge on the job. You’ll be well-equipped to make informed decisions about Generative AI projects, drive the adoption of AI in your organization, and manage the process from inception to successful deployment and beyond. You’ll also understand the crucial role of data, how to secure your AI systems, and the importance of building a capable AI team.

Learning Objectives

Working in an interactive learning environment, led by our engaging AI expert, you will:

  • Gain a solid understanding of Generative AI, its evolution, and its role in shaping innovative business solutions, positioning you to effectively drive AI initiatives in your organization.
  • Acquire the ability to identify potential Generative AI use cases in your industry and evaluate their feasibility and value, empowering you to make informed decisions that can enhance business operations.
  • Learn how to manage the lifecycle of an AI project efficiently, equipping you with the knowledge to guide projects from inception to successful deployment, with continuous monitoring and improvement.
  • Develop an understanding of AI and data security best practices, along with the crucial role of data in Generative AI, fostering your ability to safeguard your AI systems effectively.
  • Stay ahead of the curve by gaining insights into the upcoming trends and technologies in Generative AI, enabling you to maintain a competitive edge in your organization in this rapidly evolving field.

Course Outline

  1. Understanding Generative AI: Its Evolution and Impacts
  • Overview of Generative AI and its evolution
  • Impacts and opportunities of Generative AI in business
  • Real-world examples of successful Generative AI applications
  1. Unpacking Use Cases: Where and How Can You Apply Generative AI
  • Identifying potential use cases in your industry
  • Practical examples of how Generative AI can solve business problems
  • Frameworks for evaluating the feasibility and value of Generative AI projects
  1. Key Considerations in Implementing Generative AI
  • Understanding the technology stack behind Generative AI
  • The role of data in Generative AI: requirements, preparation, and management
  • How to choose the right AI model for your needs
  1. Securing Your Generative AI
  • Understanding AI and data security
  • Best practices for securing Generative AI systems
  • Responsible decision making: Role of privacy and ethics in Generative AI
  1. Building Your AI Team: Who You Need
  • Roles and skills required in a Generative AI project
  • Considerations when hiring or upskilling your team
  • Managing an AI project: Best practices and common pitfalls
  1. Managing the Lifecycle of a Generative AI Project
  • Planning and managing an AI project
  • Testing and validating your AI system
  • Deploying, monitoring, and maintaining your Generative AI solution
  • Problem Solving Strategies for Pitfalls and Challenges in AI Implementation
  1. Evaluating the Success of Your Generative AI Projects
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) for Generative AI projects
  • Tools and techniques for measuring the effectiveness and ROI of AI
  • Lessons learned and continuous improvement in AI
  1. Future Trends in Generative AI
  • What’s next for Generative AI: upcoming trends and technologies
  • Staying ahead: How to keep your organization competitive in the AI field
  • Q&A and course wrap-up