3 – 5 Days


Employees of federal, state and local governments; and businesses working with the government.

Course Topics:

This course assumes no prior knowledge of Linux and teaches basic Linux as well as Kali. It is common for clients to request modifications. Often those include more or less basic Linux, and often additional Kali tools.

  1. Basic Linux
    1. Shell commands
      1. Cd, man, ls, cp, top, ps, pstree
      2. Su, ifconfig, ping, tracert, chmod
  • Grep, kill, cat, mkdir, rmdir
  1. Uname, whatis, dmesg
  1. File Structure
  2. Installation
  3. GUI
  1. Shell Scripting
    1. Basic scripts
  2. Use Kali Linux including tools such as
    1. Vega
    2. Recon-ng
    3. Dmitry
    4. Nmap
    5. Netsniff-ng
    6. Hydra
    7. Maltego
    8. John the Ripper

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