VMware Security Training In Hampton Roads!

Those of you that have taken our vSphere Ultimate Bootcamp, know what great lengths we go to to ensure you get an awesome training package at an affordable price. Now that you have mastered the administration of VMware, it is time to dig a little bit deaper with our VMware Security Training!

This security course provides a solid understanding of the various components that make up the vSphere environment. From the virtual CPU to the storage devices attached to your host and everything in and around that network, we will study and understand the interconnectivity and design of all those components. You will walk away with a solid understanding of how the adversary infiltrates the virtual environment and most importantly how you can secure that environment. You will study the virtual components that VMware® has developed in the vSphere product line, including the vCpu, vMemory, vNetwork, vStorage, ESX/I host, virtual center, update manager and many other plug-ins, appliances and third-party mitigation tools.

If you would like more information regarding this training or would like a price quote please contact us today!