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  • Deprecate, Deprecate, Deprecate

    IPv6 has added many new words and ideas to the lexicon of IT professionals.  One of the least expected:  deprecate.

    The dictionary (dictionary.com) says that deprecate means “to express earnest disapproval of”, to “urge reasons against” or, oddly, “to pray for deliverance from”.  In the IT world the world a thing being ‘deprecated’ is a thing being removed from use and (hopefully) replaced with something better.  And many things have been deprecated in IPv6’s journey to replace IPv4 as the mechanism for getting packets from near to far.

    I’m sure the list is longer than even I realize but there are many ideas/implementations/technologies that IPv6 once employed that have since been deprecated.  A few examples:

    IPv4-compatible IPv6 Addresses.  Status:  Deprecated.