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  • IPv6 Means Never Again Having to Wonder…

    …about the IP address of your default router (default gateway in IPv4-speak).

    It’s tough to argue against the fact that most IPv6 addresses are not much fun to type.  Being four times longer than IPv4 addresses and expressed in hexadecimal means things can get ugly on the keyboard pretty quickly.  For people in the IT field one very common mechanism for testing IP connectivity is to ping the default gateway.  And in IPv4 networks, the default gateway is always different for every layer-3 network.  It has now been a thousand bajillion times in my career when I have either asked someone or told someone what the default gateway is for a host who is having connectivity problems.  In IPv6 the ability (or inability) to ping the default router is just as helpful as it ever was in IPv4.  But there are a few apparent problems/challenges: