RMF for DoD IT Curriculum Enhancement

Our RMF training partner recently announced a substantial enhancement to the Risk Management Framework (RMF) for DoD IT training program curriculum. The revised training program, dubbed “Version 3.0,” significantly ramps up the emphasis on building skills that DoD employees and contractors will need as their programs make the transition from DIACAP to RMF.

The course content of the new class has been enhanced to include more detailed information on RMF roles and responsibilities, life cycle process, documentation and security controls. The class is more “lab” oriented, with case studies and student exercises aimed at building skills in specific RMF areas, such as system boundary definition, system categorization, security control selection, and tailoring of the control baseline. Students will learn these skills in a manner that is applicable to whatever automated tool solution may be in use in the student’s work environment. “

The RMF for DoD IT “Version 3.0” training program is open to DoD employees, as well as supporting contractors, service providers and vendors. Classes are offered on a regularly- scheduled basis at several sites, including Colorado Springs, Huntsville, and the National Capital Region (Virginia), as well as in an on-line, instructor-led format. Organizations with groups of trainees can also arrange for “private” on-site or on-line classes .