Just Added! Mobility+ and CASP Certification Training!

ITdojo has just added both Mobility+ and CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner training to our list of courses that we offer!

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

This course is targeted toward an IT Professional that has the technical knowledge and skills required to conceptualize, design, and engineer secure solutions across complex enterprise environments.  In this course, students will examine advanced security concepts, principles, and implementations that pertain to enterprise level security.

To see the course outline, visit the course page.


This course builds on your existing knowledge and experience to provide you with critical concepts related to over-the-air technologies, wireless networking, and mobile devices.  The CompTIA Mobility+ training covers mobile device management, troubleshooting, security, and network infrastructure. It identifies IT professionals who can deploy, integrate, support and manage a mobile environment while ensuring proper security measures are maintained for devices and platforms to mitigate risks and threats.

To see the course outline, visit the Mobility+ training page.

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