Offensive Programming


5 Days


This class is strictly ONLY available to U.S. Government Agencies and Law Enforcement Personnel

Course Description:

This can be done in C#, Java, or python.  We recommend C# if the target is Windows, Java if it is Android, Python for general scripting. C# is the easiest to do and allows attacks on the widest possible targets (Windows). It is assumed the students have a basic knowledge of the programming language in question. It need not be significant, just basic. If that is not the case, then 3 to 5 days of basic programming are recommended.

Course Outline:

  • Interacting with the OS
    • Extracting information
    • Altering OS parameters
  • Destructive methods
    • Wiping files
    • Disrupting communication
    • Killing the machine
    • Creating ransomware
  • Creating spyware
    • Extracting emails
    • Scanning documents
    • Retrieving history
    • Exfiltrating the data
  • Hiding your tracks
    • Target selection
    • Self-destructing malware
    • Avoiding anti virus
    • Sparse infection techniques
  • Advanced techniques
    • Creating polymorphic malware
    • Encrypted malware