CLDACI – Building the Cisco Cloud with Application Centric Infrastructure v1.0


5 Days

Course Description:

This course is designed to help you prepare for the CCNP Cloud certification, a professional-level certification specializing in cloud technologies. This course extensively covers the process of implementing public, private, and hybrid clouds based on Cisco ACI.


Employees of federal, state and local governments; and businesses working with the government.

Who Should Attend

  • Network administrator
  • Server administrator
  • Network engineer
  • Systems engineer
  • Technical solutions architect

Course Outline:

1. Implement Cisco ACI Fundamentals

  • ACI key features
  • Nexus 9000 product family
  • ACI management networks
  • Virtual eXtensible LAN
  • API controller
  • Tenants
  • DHCP relay
  • Authentication, authorization, and RBAC
  • Fabric and access policies
  • ACI VMM domains
  • Hypervisor normalization
  • ACI and VMware VDS
  • ACI applications
  • Policy model
  • Policy driven data center design advantages
  • Application profiles
  • ACI fabric gateway
  • Load balancing

2. Implement Cisco ACI Enhanced Features

  • Port channels
  • Configuring vPC in ACI
  • Cisco application virtual switch (AVS)
  • Inter-tenant communication and contracts
  • Layer 4 to Layer 7 application profiles
  • Layer 4 to Layer 7 services programmability

3. Configure Cisco ACI External Connections

  • ACI external connections
  • Access policies for L3-out
  • L3-out configuration
  • Layer 2 outside connections
  • Layer 2 connection configurations

4. Automate and Design Cisco ACI Deployment

  • ACI programmability
  • Python programmability tools
  • UCS director
  • ACI migration
  • Migration options


Lab 1: Implement Cisco ACI Fabric Connectivity for Virtual Machines
Lab 2: Implement Application Policies
Lab 3: Monitor Traffic with Atomic Counters
Lab 4: Deploy vPC Connections to Hypervisors
Lab 5: Deploy Cisco AVS and Microsegmentation
Lab 6: Add Bare Metal Hosts and Implement Inter-Tenant Connectivity
Lab 7: Integrate Cisco ASA Firewall in Cisco ACI Fabric
Lab 8: Enable Connectivity to External Layer 3 Networks
Lab 9: Enable Connectivity to External Layer 2 Networks
Lab 10: Provision Cisco ACI Using Cisco UCS Director
Lab 11: Program Cisco APIC Using Python and Arya