CCNA Routing and Switching Training: Cisco Foundations

CCNA Routing and Switching training from ITdojo helps you succeed!


5 days


Employees of federal, state and local governments; and businesses working with the government.


Network+ or equivalent knowledge.  Having a grasp of how networks work is crucial to getting the most out of this training. If you aren’t sure if this is the right training for you to start off with, give us a call.  We’ll discuss it with you and make sure that you are in the right training.

Course Description:

The CCNA® certification is one of the most sought after certs in the computer networking field.  Not only is it the most sought after, but we think it is the most difficult.  In this Cisco® CCNA training session we give you the information and hands-on experience that will get you on your way to prepping for this monster of a test.


  • Operating and Configuring Cisco® IOS Devices
  • Managing your Network Environment
  • Layer 2 Switching Fundamentals
  • Extending Switched Networks with VLANs
  • ISL & 802.1q Trunking
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (802.1d & 802.1w)
  • Ethernet Switch Port Security
  • TCP/IP
  • IP Addressing, IP Subnetting
  • Classful and Classless IP Routing including RIP, EIGRP, & OSPF
  • Managing IP Traffic with Access Lists
  • Network Address Translation
  • Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR)
  • 802.11 Wireless LAN Fundamentals
  • Fundamental IPv6 Concepts
  • Establishing Serial Point-to-Point Connections
  • Establishing Frame Relay Connections
  • Understanding VPNs

After completing this Cisco® related training session, the client should be able to:

  • Describe the major components of a personal computer, binary and hexadecimal numbering systems, and describe the components, functions, and the components and functions of computer network devices
  • Describe the functions, operations, and primary components of common types of networks
  • Describe the primary types of network media, including cables and connectors
  • Describe the functions and operations of LANs and Virtual LANs
  • Describe the functions and operations of the network and transport layers of the IP protocol stack
  • Describe the major aspects of IP addressing and calculate valid IP subnet addresses and masks, as well as explain the functions of routing, including major routing protocols
  • Describe the functions of major WAN technologies and access technologies, as well as the functions of analog and cable modems
  • Complete and verify the initial IOS software device configuration
  • Manage devices on a network according to designated best practices
  • Build a functional configuration to support the specified network operational requirements, given a network design
  • Use the appropriate show commands to display network operational parameters so that anomalites are detected
  • Use the appropriate debug commands to monitor network operational parameters so that anomalies are detected
  • Explain how bridging and switching operates
  • Explain the purpose and operations of the Spanning- Tree Protocol
  • Build a functional router configuration to support the specified network operational requirements, given a network design
  • Describe the features and operation of static routing

What’s Included:

This 5 day intructor-led training session provides participants with a comprehensive overview of materials that are covered on the CCNA exam.  Our courseware is developed in-house, allowing us to give our clients the most up-to-date information in this area of study as well as the incorporation of real world networking experiences.

  • A Cisco Press Textbook
  • A printed manual that includes all power point slides
  • A copy of the lab manual, allowing participants to go back over labs until they feel comfortable with them
  • Participants will have access to their own rack of equipment to complete labs.
  • The ability to remote into racks from home for further study after classes (as long as rack space is available)
  • One-on-one help during labs

What Clients Have to Say

“From day one I was totally impressed with ITdojo. The instructor has an excellent delivery method and is well rounded in several IT disciplines. I definitely felt comfortable and welcomed at ITdojo. I learned everything I needed to do my job and then some and will recommend ITdojo to anyone that is looking to get training in the Information Technology industry.”
-Barry K., Virginia Beach