IPv6 Training Upgrade!

Our IPv6 training is undergoing  a major overhaul!  The increased demand for this training in the transition to IPv6 is keeping us on our toes! In staying with our philosophy to bring you the best, we strive to keep our IPv6 class as up-to-date as possbile (one of the benefits of writing your own courseware like we do).

In our newest version of the course, look for additional labs, more discussions on IPv6 security and more techniques to make sure that your preparation and transition to IPv6 goes as smooth as possible.  Who knows, we may even feel the need to add an additional day to the training with all the modules we hope to add.  In addition to this keep an eye out for some IPv6 related videos that we will be putting up on the site!

If there is something that you’d like to see in our IPv6 training, please let us know!  ITdojo’s mission is to provide relevant, well thought out material to Hampton Roads and beyond!