IPv6 Training on East Coast Oct. 8 – 11

Coming up on October 8, 2013, we will be running our IPv6: Understanding, Analysis & Implementation training course here at our Virginia Beach facility.

Let’s face it, the implementation of IPv6 is inevitable and will effect every enterprise network on the planet eventually. The protocol is already being deployed worldwide! IPv6 allows for increased address space as well as better routing. Is your network IPv6 ready? This four-day IPv6 training session was designed in-house for network professionals (engineers, system admins, security professionals, IT managers) who need to learn the details of IPv6 implementation.

ITdojo’s vendor-neutral IPv6 transition training session was written and is delivered by our in-house IPv6 expert, Colin Weaver. Because of this, it is constantly kept up -to-date! It explores the details of IPv6 and analyzes its behavior in an enterprise network.

If you are interested in attending this incredible 4-day course, please let us know! We’d love to get you signed up!