december, 2020

11decalldaySTIG 101 TrainingLive Remote Online


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Topics such as STIG Content, STIG Development, STIG Tools, and Best Practices are discussed. Demonstrations of STIG Viewer, SCAP Compliance Checker (SCC), and STIG implementation will be conducted to provide the students with a real world understanding of the STIG process. The development process will also be covered to give students an idea of where STIGs come from, who creates them, and how they get published.

This one-day course is suitable for anyone wishing to gain insight into STIG content and process. It is ideally suited to those with limited exposure to STIGs … or even none at all!” The course will be taught via Online Personal ClassroomTM. This is a fully interactive, instructor-led experience. There will be an initial informational section that introduces the concepts and best practices then we will move to the screensharing capability to demo the various tools that are available. We’ll demo SCC, STIG viewer, and other tools while giving an overall approach to best practices. Specific pain points for students will be addressed, provided that it’s feasible and within the scope of the course.

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All Day (Friday)


Live Remote Online


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