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Today’s CISSP question topic: Email Security

Using S/MIME, Colin, an employee of the Paper Street Soap Company, sends an encrypted email (with an attachment) to Nick, an employee at WebbWeavers, Inc. After traversing the Internet the message arrives at the front-end email gateway for WebbWeaver, Inc. The gateway needs to scan the email and its attachment for anything malicious. To what extent will the mail server be able to scan the message?

  1. The mail server will not be able to scan the message nor the attachment.
  2. The mail server will be able to scan the message and the attachment.
  3. The body of the message can be scanned but the attachment cannot.
  4. The body and the attachment can only be scanned after being decrypted by the front-end mail server.
  5. The entire message can be scanned even while encrypted.
  6. The mail server must get the decryption key from the receiving station in order to scan the message.

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  1. The mail server will not be able to scan the message nor the attachment.

Explanation:The keys used to encrypt and decrypt the message are stored on the client computers. The front-end mail server does not have the ability to access these keys and cannot decrypt the message as a result.

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