Our Philosophy

A Vested Interest in Excellence

Founded in 2002, ITdojo has a different approach to IT training.  We believe in learning by doing…with real equipment no less.  Time after time we have heard of training companies force-feeding knowledge (ie. reading clients questions and answers that will be seen on the test) to get their clients certified.  The way we see it, there is no value in that.  Our team uses other means of knowledge transference, ones that add value to the experience, ones that prepare your staff not only for exams and certification, but also for the real world. By immersing our clients in intensive, hands-on training we are confident that they will gather the knowledge needed to succeed.

Our team members come to you as established, highly experienced networking and information security professionals whose IT skills are rivaled only by their affinity for presenting complex material in an engaging and readily understandable way.  We have dynamic, innovative facilitators with the ability to illustrate concepts using real-world examples, vivid analogy and personal anecdotes.

The quality of training provided by ITdojo is the single most important aspect of our business and each member of our team has a vested interest in making sure that you and the members of your team get the skills and information needed to be successful.  The commitment we have to our clients is personal. We are strong believers that our success depends on theirs. Because of this, our instruction staff is here for you and your team before, during and after class.

Scores of government agencies, government contractors and large corporations locally and across the globe have relied on ITdojo to provide their personnel with the skills they need to succeed in their job functions.  Read some of their testimonials here.

In addition to instructor-led training at our facility in Virginia Beach, we also have the ability to offer our clients access to live virtual training as well as bringing instructors on-site to our clients’ facilities.  We have also recently added some Self-Paced IT training courses to our repertoire.

ITdojo is a Woman-Owned Small Business.