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  • Cisco Collaboration and Cloud Training Added!

    We have recently added some new Cisco courses to our list of deliveries.  If you are interested in any of the below contact us! Cisco Collaboration Training CICD – Implementing Cisco Collaboration Devices CIVND2 – Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices v1.0 Cisco Cloud Training CLDFND – Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals v1.0 CLDADM – Introducing Cisco […]

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    Microsoft’s WiFi [non]Sense

    You know who has no say-so in how wireless LAN keys are shared in Microsoft’s new WiFi Sense feature? The actual owner of the wireless LAN.  The decision to share credentials is in the power of the connecting user, not the WLAN owner.  Stupid much? I have several thousand “friends” on Facebook and more than […]

  • Top Ten—Data Breaches that Made the News

    By Annette Leonard Many information security incidents are newsworthy, especially when they involve compromise of personal, financial and/or medical information. Here is our “Top Ten” list of data breaches that have made the news over the past few years. While some of these compromises may have resulted from very sophisticated attack methods, others were traceable to basic lapses in good security practices—the very things the […]

  • Common Controls and Inheritance

    By Kathryn M. Farrish, CISSP Common Controls are security controls whose implementation results in a security capability that is inheritable  by multiple information systems (IS). For example, the information systems hosted in a data center will typically inherit numerous security controls from the hosting provider, such as: Physical and environmental security controls Network boundary defense security controls Other inheritance scenarios include agency or departmental-level policies […]

  • FAQ: How Comprehensive is your RMF for DoD IT Course?

    The most common question we get in regards to our RMF for DoD IT training course is this: How comprehensive is your RMF for DOD IT course? The reason I ask is that the Navy is still trying to wrap their head around RMF and how to integrate it both from an acquisitions and operational […]

  • Security Control Spotlight—Privacy Overlay

    By Lon J. Berman, CISSP According to NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-53, an overlay is a “fully specified set of security controls, control enhancements and supplemental guidance derived from the application of tailoring guidance to security control baselines”. The intent is to streamline the process of developing a security control set for specific communities of interest. The Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) website,, […]

  • Post Training Support on our RMF classes!

    TrainPlus! POST TRAINING SUPPORT RMF education doesn’t just stop when the training class is over.  That’s why we offer TrainPlus!, a RMF Q&A follow-up session. Designed specifically for students who’ve previously attended an IT Dojo RMF training class, TrainPlus! is delivered via a monthly, 60-minute, conference call at no charge. Whether the training experience has been online, onsite or […]

  • RMF Training Dates Added

    This morning we finalized our upcoming public RMF for DoD IT course offering dates through the end of the year.  Take a look below and let us know if any of these fit into your schedule!  If you have a larger group, we can work on custom training dates to bring the trainer directly to […]

  • Cybersecurity Job Opportunities

    IT and cybersecurity are rapidly growing industries with increasing workforce needs. The links below will direct you to various job search websites that are pre-filtered to identify cybersecurity jobs. Monster Career Builder Indeed Job The Ladders Dice Vault Simply Hired Glassdoor

  • Free Ways to Earn CEUs!

    You’ve earned your CISSP or your Security+ certification…now you need to maintain it. No one wants to have to take those beastly exams again! But how do you do that without spending a lot of money? Sure you could take other classes (and will need to to remain relevant, of course), but sometimes there isn’t […]

  • Information Security Continuous Monitoring Course Date Just Added!

    We have just added a course date for the Information Security Continuous Monitoring training that is coming up this fall (September 22 – 24, 2015). Information Security Continuous Monitoring (three days) covers roles and responsibilities, establishment and implementation of the ISCM strategy, analysis and reporting of findings, and program review in accordance with NIST Special Publication […]